Whether you like to keep your dog in a longer trim or just short, sweet and smelling good we are here to meet your needs of  getting the style you are looking for and maintaining a clean healthy coat and skin year round. 



















































Spa Bath

A good bath may be the most important step in a pets grooming.

Prices start at $65 for small dogs

e.g. Pug, Chihuahua 


Every Spa Bath Includes:

 -Your choice from a varity of  shampoos and conditioner suited for all coat and skin types. 

- Tearless Blueberry facial to help gently remove dirt and tear stains.

- Teeth brushing

- Ear cleaning and hair removal

- Nail Trimming/Dremeling

- Coat spray

- Hand fluff drying

- Brush out, DeShed, and removal of any tangles

- Cologne

- Bandana or Bow


Bath & Tidy

Sometimes your pet isn't quite ready for a haircut but needs more than a bath to keep them well maintained.


Prices Start at $75 for small dogs

e.g. Yorkie, Maltese, Shih Tzu


Bath & Tidy Includes all of the same features included in the Spa Bath plus:

- Hair removed from paw pads

- Hair on feet trimmed

- Sanitary clip (Belly & Bum)

- Face Trimmed

- Outline of pets body trimmed up to create a tidy appearance.


Full Groom

Full Grooming includes everything provided in the Spa Bath in addition to an all over haircut style of your choice.

Full Groom Prices start at $85 for small dogs

e.g. Shih Tzu, Bichon, Toy Poodle


- The Puppy-cut is a popular choice among many  breeds in which the entire body is trimmed to the same length.  Lengths range from a few centimeters to 2" long.


-  Breed Standard Trims

- Modified Breed Standard Trims, which are just shorter versions of the standard


- Hand Stripping (small dogs only at this time)


- Asian Fusion Styles


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There's No Place Like Home Mobile Pet Spa  caters to small dogs that are under 40 pounds, who are maintained on a regular grooming schedule of 4 or 6 weeks.  
Our service area includes all cities in Howard County, the 21228 zip code in Catonsville  and to military families on post at Ft. Meade.




Monday - Friday

First appointment is taken at 8:00 am

Last appointment is taken at 3:00 pm

Most appointments take about hour to an hour and half to complete.